Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sweets for our sweet.

I woke up feeling sicker than yesterday which kinda stunk but my little Eisley seems to be feeling a little better! To brighten our day, a late sweet surprise christmas package came in the mail today!

Sweet on the outside....

And sweet on the inside!
Are these dresses too much or what?!?! We love them! The blue one won't fit her until later this year but I'm flipping out over all that cute!  It's been a rather boring day of trying to get well and it sucks that I gotta stay away from little Eisley.  Aaron has been wonderful at taking care of us!  Although I did drag myself to make dinner tonight.  Spaghetti lasagna bake was on the menu! I think we will just spend the rest of the night watching movies till we conk out.  Have a good night!

C'mon did you really think I'd go a day without
posting a photo of this kid?!
haha poor little peanut, snuggled with a 
blankie still sicky poo.

Yes, our tree is still up, Sue me.


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