Monday, January 7, 2013

Adventure Day

It's just me and my peanut now that vacation is over.   My husband has been on a 2 week vacation with us from work and today was his first day back.  We got way spoiled with him being here.  The fact that he comes home for lunch makes the days nicer though because the time apart doesn't seem so long that way.  Anyway... We took a fun thrifting trip the other day in search of a wooden high chair that we can restore.  No such luck with that but we did find Eisley an adorable navy poncho with hood for $3!! Such a great find! Here are a few photos of our adventures.

On our way!

Eisley and Daddy <3

She wasn't into the bonnet. Here she is feeling much better!

Hittin the shops!

We stopped at the Bluffs where mommy
and daddy first started to get to know one another. <3

That is the exact bench we first hung out at 
and talked! Crazy to be able to share these things
with OUR baby now! Seems like yesterday!

Takin a stroll at the Bluffs!

The we came home and Mommy worked on some 
doll making!  Best way to use old fabric strips! I will post a photo
of the finished product once I am done! 

It was such a nice day out!  We are still on the lookout for a wooden high chair so if anyone has any ideas as to where to get one, let us know!  We still have a while till she can really use it. Though the other day, she was sitting on Aaron's lap with no help! Crazy right?! Oh and yesterday, she tried to pick up her bottle and put it in her mouth! I just put it in front of her to see what she would do and that's what she did! This girl is a smartypants!  She doesn't get that from mommy! hahaha 5 more days till she is 4 months!! ahhhh time is flying!  Well, I think is about time for me to skeedattle!  Oh, I am changing my hair tonight too! I will post photos of it tonight possibly!  haha Excited and nervous at the same time.  I haven't really done anything to my hair in a while! I hope it turns out okay!! eeeeek!

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