Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A case of the sniffles.

Baby Eisley started the year off not feeling so great.  Every morning she does this little girly squeel and this morning, it was nothing but a faint whisper of it before she bursted into a low cry of rattling mucus.    It is really sad to see her this way, so being the crazy first time mom that I am, I made her a doctor appointment.  I knew that not much could be done, but what I was already doing for her.  Eisley took the entire appointment as a joke too! She was laughing and being silly, the works!  They told me she has a case of the common cold... Phew!  I was so relieved it was nothing serious, but for now I just hope she gets better instead of worse because I woke up the same way she did!

Eisley in the waiting room.

In celebration of knowing that she was gonna live, (oh dramatics), I went to the craft store and got a ton of things for upcoming projects!  Mine and my husband's room has really taken the back burner of all projects in our house.  Its very bare and boring.  This year we have decided to spruce it up a little!  I bought other things for other projects as well but I won't talk about them until I get around to even attempting them.  I am busy being a mom and wife as it is and all of my projects come last.  No promises of getting them done right away. :)  

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