Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Day Trip

I was planning to post yesterday but my sister and I decided to have a movie night sleepover! So fun!  She's still sleeping which I can't say I can blame her because she rarely gets sleep these days with her schedule.  Any who... Day 3 of our 3day weekend had to be my favorite!  We went to Morro Bay and Aaron showed us where his grandpa used to live and the street his mom grew up on which I thought was super sweet.  I took a photo of Aaron and Eisley standing in front of the house but I don't think I will post it because, well, I think if I saw my house on some stranger's blog, I'd be kinda creeped out. 
haha I will however, show you our photos as we left for our road trip and and got to our destination.

Eisley and daddy getting ready to leave.
She's got her shades on so you know she's ready! 

C'mon guys lets hit the road! 

Are we there yet?!?!

We made it!  Eisley couldn't be more curious
about everything new around her.  

First thing was first though.  We had to eat! haha We had lunch at this cute little place called, Rocca's Surf Shack.  It was really cute in there and the food was great! 

 Not sure if you can really see, but the chairs were
covered with beach towels! Too cute.

They were playing Michael Jackson in
there during this time and just play Eisley
the right kind of music and she's dancin! 

After all of our in town adventures we went to the beach and showed Eisley the ocean for the first time.  Eisley has always loved water and taking baths so to see a big body of water...we just had no clue how she would react.  
This is the reaction we got!  She LOVED it!

 I love how tiny Eisley looks!

 <3 Love <3


Our little beach bum fell asleep on the beach. <3

The weekend as a whole was great but this was by far my favorite day! Aaron and I had not been to Morro Bay in such a long time!  Aaron hadn't been there for about 13 years or so and I hadn't been there for maybe about 8 years or so. We usually go to Ventura so this was a nice change though we love anywhere there is water! 

Ta-ta for now! (oh man, too much Winnie the Pooh with Peanut.)

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