Monday, January 21, 2013

2 days of our 3 day weekend adventure

I haven't been able to get on here as much as I have been wanting to.  Life has been busier than ever but all grand!  Aaron is no longer sick and we have had the best 3 day weekend!  After Aaron got off of work, I finally went to the office I work for and turned in my resignation letter.  I am officially a stay at home mom!  It's all such a blessing!  Bittersweet but so exciting!  We picked up my sister from work, took her home, and took Eisley to the park.  She didn't really seem to know what to do or think of it.

See what I mean? hahaha

We went to the park again the following day but a different one. We had a picnic with Eisley and took her to feed ducks.  It was such a beautiful day!

 Kisses from daddy!

Hungry me.

Hungry ducks and geese.

Daddy and Eisley feeding the ducks. <3

Me and Peanut feeding the ducks.  It was
her first time ever seeing real ones.  She really
loved it!

That night, Aaron and I had a date night!!! It was really awesome and just what we needed.  He had been so sick and I hadn't even hugged him since the Saturday before!  I was finally able to snag some smooches. Haha We went to dinner and a movie.  We really wanted to see This is 40 but for whatever reason the showing we were going to see got cancelled due to technical errors.  I was kinda bummed about that but happy with what we ended up seeing!  We went to the other side of town (which is always and adventure) to the dollar theater and saw Wreck it Ralph!! Oh my goodness, such a cute movie! haha no baby and we still ended up seeing a kid movie. That's us alright!  We had a day of just hanging out at home which was nice because we got a lot done...or should I say my husband did.  He took our Christmas tree down (finally heh), he also cleaned the back yard which was awesome!  

This is what I did...

I crocheted a crown for Peanut but it was too big for her and obviously too small for me.  I measured her head too but I clearly measured incorrectly.  Oh well, do over!  I will post more tomorrow about our last day of our 3 day weekend.  It deserves a post all on its own because it was so fun! Goodnight y'all! <3

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