Monday, January 14, 2013

4 months and boring ramblings

Hey there!
     I'm a little behind on things right now.  My husband has been sick and  it seems like I can't get the germs out of this house! Hopefully this is the last of the illnesses here.  Taking care of my husband and baby is a lot more work than I ever could have imagined.  It's mostly because I sanitize all things after they are touched and spray cans of lysol behind my husband everywhere he walks. haha Not really, but it's pretty extreme.  I wouldn't trade it for anything though! Being a wife and mom is the best!  
     Eisley went to the doctor today for her 4 month wellness exam.  She is 13.4 lbs and 25 inches long!  She was so brave for her shots today!  She cried for a few seconds and went on smiling as if nothing happened.  She's a trooper.  I always get nervous after her shots because of how she may react to them.  She has been great!  A little more sleepy than normal and in need of lots and lots of cuddles.  Thats not a bad thing though! ;) The doctor said she can start on solids any time now.  That kind of made me feel a little sad.  The thought of my baby having solids makes me feel like she's not so much a "baby" baby anymore.  Like when did this all happen?  I feel like she had her biggest growth spurt in her third month.  Everything about her changed but in a good way.  She just seems so much bigger and aware of every little thing around her.  She is getting more and more curious about things and its so amazing to watch!  Here is a look at her 4 month photos:

This outfit is up in the shop now as well!

I have so much fun planning out her seasonal monthly outfits! They are fun to make as well!
     Speaking of fun to make!  I am doing some embroidery hoop art for baby E's room!!  I can't wait to post them up on the blog soon!  I may or may not be selling them in my Etsy shop, I haven't decided.  I have so many projects going right now.  It's actually quite dumb because I get all excited for the next project that I start it and go back and forth between them all!  I NEED to ship out Etsy orders first so that is number one on my project to do list this week.  Speaking of, I better get off of this thing and get to work.  Night time is craft time because baby is sleeping! Goodnight y'all! 

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