Thursday, January 10, 2013

Catching Up

I feel like I went back to work this week along with my husband! During the two weeks he was off, I kinda took a vacation along with him and admittedly didn't do much!  It was just so great having him home with us so I kinda just let the house go.  Not too crazy but I didn't do near as much as normal.  I'm playing catch up now! Yesterday's big project was our office/craft/sewing/music room.  It was a mess! Don't believe me?

Yeah, it was a down right wreck.  I dove in head first and started to try and organize my fabrics and my station of the room that drives Aaron nuts!  I took off the sides of a cardboard box, covered it with wrapping paper and BAM! My fabric compartment. Its really nifty because I can see everything I have now.  Aaron came home during this and I wanted to make this a surprise for him because he's been complaining about this office for months!  I had the door closed when he came home and I told him not to go in there because I destroyed the place and that a bookshelf fell over and broke and it just looks terrible!  These were all lies, I was actually working on a project to make the room look even sweeter, otherwise I would have shown him my progress.  It was all laid out on the floor unfinished.  He was freaked out about the bookshelf falling, not because it fell over but because he didn't want me to get hurt cleaning it up or putting it back together! Sweetheart huh?  Then the questions started to come about how it all me, I wanted to know too!  I had no words, all I could say was, "I dont know! It all happened so fast!" hahahaha He was satisfied with that answer and didn't push anymore but kept insisting I waited for him to come home to fix it and clean it up.  (I'm telling you, sweetest guy ever!) I couldn't help but chuckle inside but I was pretty excited for him to leave and come back to a clean workspace!  This is how it turned out.

I don't know if you can see my little fabric
compartment behind the sewing machine but
that's it. :) 

This is the project that I was working on before he 
came home that I didn't want him to see!
Poster sized Instaphoto frame!

Here is how you create one:
Download an app on your iPhone called, Postal Pix 
I ordered my prints in the size 4x4 and I believe 
they only allow you to order up to 60 at a time, I could be wrong.
I ordered all 60 but was only able to use 40 on my board.
I don't have any poster sized paper laying around so I flipped over the paper
that comes in the frame and used that as my backing.
Simply tape your photos in any arrangement you'd like and there you have it!

There is so much you can do with these little printed beauties!  It turned out great and my husband was so happy to come home to a clean and organized office!  He was very happy that the bookshelf was still intact as well. heehee  He loved the instaproject on the wall as well! :)
Since we had a nice clean space to work in, he did his homework in there and I worked on Eisley's 4 month outfit!  Its pretty much done now.  Here is a sneak peek!

It will be available in the shop this weekend as well!  

Mind you, most things you find in the shop are seasonal but always available! :)

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