Friday, February 8, 2013

Science Project

This is going to be a fairly short blog but I recently saw this on a website and I am drawing a blank as to which one.  Possibly something someone posted on FB.  Eh I have no idea, I see so many things that I try and keep in my brain memory.  Anyway, I am using it as a little home science project for myself to see if it works.  If it did, oh man, that could save a few bucks!

Have you ever heard of growing your own lettuce
back from the old stub that is left over?
I know I haven't until recently.

I will post an update on the progress if any.  I guess all you do is put it in a cup of water and watch it grow! Make sure to change the water daily though! It would be great if it actually worked. 

I am just waiting patiently for Peanut to wake up and thought I would post this before she wakes up.  I'd better get going though, I gotta start lunch before my hubby gets home! 

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